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Best Of! Volume 1 (Ep 1-5)(100+ theme songs!)
Time-length-icon 23m 47s
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Publish-date-icon September 8, 2015
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➢ Episode1 – In Depp
1) I Explain the Movie Ned Kelly
2) WTF Did Wyatt Just Say?
3) Paperclips are Done
4) People Who Hate Each Other Make A Podcast
5) Scare the Gay Away ft. Wyatt that Fking Homophobe POS
6) A Full Discussion of Johnny Depp’s IMDB Page
7) Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest – The Summary Podcast
8) I’m Similar to Johnny Depp
9) In Depp
10) Horror Genre, WTF?
11) Alone or With People
12) In Deaf
13) Wyatt Does a Weird, Terrible Impression of Maybe M Night Shyamalan
14) Sexism in the 21st Century
15) What Theme Park Rides Do you Like and Not Like?
16) Jerry Seinfeld Talks About Theme Parks (Which He Doesn’t Care For)
17) Autoerotic Asphyxiation: The List (The Obituary)
18) Inception
19) Tom Hardy
20) Suck it, Love Wyatt
21) Wyatt Complains to Chad Even Though He is Does All the Work
22) Scrubs
23) Movie Talk
24) WTF Video Games
25) We Explain Skateboarding
26) Wyatt Drinks Caffeine, and He Never Drinks Caffeine
27) Gossip Corner
28) Wyatt Has Some Pretty Fucking Skewed Views on Women
29) I’m a Terrible Friend
30) Charles Darwin in 5 Seconds
31) Pottycast
32) Jill Gets Fired because We’re not Supposed to Be Here
33) It Gets a Little Real
34) Wyatt Doesn’t Understand Matter
35) Planned Obselence
36) Tope or Taupe
37) Scantilated
38) Chad Laying Down the Law
➢ Episode 2 – LAP (The Mississippi Flipper)
1. Shitty Psychologist Talk Show Wyatt
2. The Shocker
3. Fight Club or Wyatt Wants to Get in to a Fight (With Whoever Comments on This Video First (?))
4. If I Was the Joker
5. Bad Guys
6. Restoring the Louisiana Purchase
7. The Mississippi Flipper
8. Actor & Chief (Actor Takes Over America)
9. In Cage (Get in the Cage)
10. Waiting for the World to Chan
11. Where’s This Gunna Be?
12. I Miss Jill
13. Cats v. Dogs
14. Meow That’s What I Call Music
15. What’s Your Favorite Lick?
16. Vaginas: What’s Up With That??
17. Rain
18. D.A.R.E.
19. Kids
20. Snacks
21. Name the Whales
22. Netflix Rules Your Life
➢ Episode 3 – Why Do We Exist?
1) Bud Light Sux
2) Tailgating
3) Sport Ball
4) Save the Peanuts
5) Peanuts v. French Fries
6) Wyatt’s an Asshole (Wyatt’s a POS)(Why it’s a POS)
7) Why’s This Fcking Made?? (Life is a Charade)
8) Why Do We Exist??
9) Koalas
10) Advice
11) That’s A lot of Nail Polish!
12) Nail Painting: Live!
13) Fuck This Podcast!
14) Pens vs. Pencils: The Final Countdown
15) Dreams
16) Why You Russian? (Wyatt You Rushin’?)
17) DJ Brad
18) Zombie!!
19) Sexcast
20) Super Duper
21) Euphemisms
➢ Episode 4 – The Cardboard Cologne Western Spectacular
1) What Is Your Name?
2) Subreddit
3) Only Snowboarding
4) Complementing Someone
5) Porn?
6) The Top 4 Newsworthy Moments of 2015
7) Tattoos
8) Cardboard Cologne
9) The Cardboard Cologne Western Spectacular
10) Outside?
11) Facial Hair
12) Dancing
➢ Episode 5 – It’s Called “In Depp”
1) What’s Your Favorite Depp?
2) Who Slept with Depp?
3) Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Really Doesn’t Hold Up at All
4) Should of Kept That Depp
5) Where Has Depp Slept?
6) Transcendence was Terrible
7) Does Depp Have a Pet?
8) How Does Neverland End?
9) What Does Depp Rep?

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